Dinner with A Zainab Sule Fan Pictures

Sometime in early March, I reached out on social media about having dinner with a random fan.

I know I have quite a few silent followers and I wanted to change that by being with people who were proud to listen to Zainab Sule. Hehe. Are you? Anyway, a few reached out and I selected two. One didn’t turn up. Oh well.

That’s how I got to hang out with the amazing Faith Bawa. She’s a Toastmaster, a total bad ass lady and an MC (she was going to anchor my show that got postponed due to #covid). It also turns out that even though we’d never met, we had quite a few mutual friends between us.

We had dinner and wine at Keje Grill, and dare I say, I’d love to do this again – once the Covid is behind us.

Here’s a pic story of how it went!

I arrived way too early and took pics


Discussing with Faith was enlightening and amazing


Hopefully she loves her gifts from us to her.


Connecting was fun, and so were the custom mugs. Want one?


Since the other person didn’t come, she got the 2!


We talked on heartbreaks, music and more 🙂


I am as delighted, to have pulled this off without being too shy 🙂


Oh, and the Keje Grill ambience wasn’t bad too


I was still shy at this point when she first arrived, so I drank water first. Lol!


My manager & friend JClone took all the pics. He tried. Don’t tell him.

Like I mentioned above, this was so cool, and I’d definitely be doing it again. We are humans, and connecting with each other is the best thing ever.

If you’re a fan of Zainab Sule, loud it. I am, too. Stay safe and listen to my new single, Sako for company.



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