Press Release – The Zainab Sule Hypersonic Tour

Zainab Sule Hypersonic Tour

Zainab Sule Hypersonic Tour

Abuja, NG – Abuja based Singer Songwiter & Rock Musician, Zainab Sule will be embarking on a promotional tour to the city of Lagos to promote her latest album, HYPERSONIC, which was released on the 20th of August 2017. The tour will last the entire month of October 2017.


Produced by a mix of eclectic producers, songs from HYPERSONIC have been met with high praise and reviews.

Tracks to look out for in the album include the intensely loved Fire Down Below, whose music video was released only recently; Adrenaline, which was given a 7.5 rating from popular US blog, AprilsTunes; the widely acclaimed I’ll Make You Dance, produced by Atta Lenell and I Believe in Love, arguably everyone’s favorite track on the album.

Other tracks worthy of mention are Selfie, a collaboration with Frankie Walter, a performer in his own right and Free To Love, a song which features the Women of Leleyi-Gwari and written for Action Aid Nigeria.


Zainab Sule reminds you of a lot of things when you listen to her music. But she draws her influences from her romance with Rock Music and Contemporary Country, uniquely creating her own style. 

Slowly and steadily she has won the hearts of fans and audiences in and outside Nigeria with her sound, and is fast becoming a household name for alternative music lovers.

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For more details aand bookings about the tour please call +2348036486201.