New visuals for Toxic Religion

zainab sule toxic religion visualizer video

We did a Lyric Video for my new song Toxic Religion!

Watch the visualizer [lyric video on YouTube]

Here are the lyrics to TOXIC RELIGION by Zainab Sule

Verse 1👇
They speak to us in flowered words
They walk on water, can do no wrong
I’m wide awake but seems I’m sleeping

You & me, we’ve all been taken.

Brainwashed, sleep walking
Zombies, no limits
Cynics, hypocrites
They are everywhere..

Toxic, toxic, toxic Religion
Free your, free your mind, it’s poison
Repeat once

Verse 2👇

It’s like we can’t get enough
We de torture ourselves even more
It’s the name of the game
“Let us put them in flames”

Machetes & hijabs
Miracles and fast cars
Gucci and fine shoes
Repeat twice

Free your mind, free your mind
No let them push you behind

It’s a flaming volcano……


We’ve been walking blind and we don’t know it
We’re the slaves of our own making
Men like us but we made them king…
Last last nobody holy pass

Men like us but we made them our king.
Last last nobody holy pass..

Chorus 2x




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