My enlightening Journey to Leleyi-Gwari Community With Action Aid Nigeria.

It’s been said that you never know what’s around you until you take that one step outside your comfort zone. This has never been as true as what I experienced in Leleyi-Gwari Community in FCT with Action Aid Nigeria.

I had always known that Action Aid were into community fundraising, but a part of me didn’t know how deep it ran in their blood until when I was approached to take a journey with them into the heart of FCT, to meet and spend time with a community I had never heard about before in my life – The Leleyi-Gwari.

A Community of a little over 2000 people with a very uncomfortable access road – but amazing resilience and dogged nature. They had no electricity, just 2 working boreholes, one School (with one class per level), a hospital, (that had no functioning drugs) and yet lived very full lives. I met a girl who was almost kidnapped but was saved last minute. And a woman who for lack of hospital amenities almost lost her baby cause she had to walk almost an hour to the nearest hospital.

At the end, we recorded a song – which we hope will be made available once its ready for y’all to listen to, and maybe purchase as part of your support. I don’t know, Action Aid has to decide.

At the end, I was left with just one question – what would it take to make life a little easier for these ones? To make this trip worthwhile & unforgettable?  According to Action Aid Nigeria, all you need is N2000. (Visit

The entire experience in itself was humbling. I will also make my own donation to the cause – and so should you, as it will go a long way in seeing these kids and the entire community reach their full potential.

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Zainab Sule.
(@zainabSULE on Twitter)




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