Lyrics to Zainab Sule’s Adrenaline

Verse 1

I remember all those years
When all I had was a dream
I felt that I could change the world
I had all that I’d need….

But the pain kept coming
Dreams kept fumbling
I lost all my fight…
But you came and you changed everything,
And yes, you made me alive again…


You’re my adrenaline…
You give me all I need.
I’m addicted to the feeling that I get when I’m with you…
You’re my adrenaline…
You take the pain away..
I don’t know what I’d do if I didn’t have you by my side.

Verse 2

And so I tell my story
Of the day that you saved me
I was lost on my own and feeling suicidal
Yet you came around….
And the lights and the stage and adrenaline
Made me feel I can conquer anything
And now I know that you are…
The drug I need inside.

Repeat Chorus till fade…



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