Hypersonic: The Album

HypersonicThe new album by Zainab Sule. 
(12 Tracks, 125MB)

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Album preview

A few notes…

The Hypersonic album is a journey.

So after one year of working tirelessly on new music, I’m happy to announce that the Hypersonic Album is finally ready! I literally travelled upandan for this one. The idea wasn’t to work with “known” names, as many had advised, but to work with people who could handle the delicacies of working on this brand of Music. 


The idea is to take listeners on a trip to explore the sounds of Zainab Sule. From “I Believe in Love” to “One Kind of Me”, each track reveals a different side, and each lyric written shows the complexity of her mind. Zainab Sule reveals in HYPERSONIC a new maturity to her music, relying on beautifully woven lyrics and well played guitars as she breaks free and finds her way to your heart.


I can’t wait to hear how you feel!

Zainab Sule.


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