Zainab Sule Acoustic Night

Event: Acoustic Night, Jos this July!

Honestly, acoustic shows are a snoozefest. Boring. Uninspiring. One way trip to Yawnsville. Think for a moment about how many times you have walked into an acoustic show and saw a singer/songwriter just standing there. Doing song after song. Nothing…

Selfie by Zainab Sule

Selfie by Zainab Sule

Selfie by Zainab Sule Ft. Frankie Walter So it’s another time for some free music. Selfie by Zainab Sule is the perfect song to send to your partner, someone you miss, someone you love. Frankie’s perfect baritone was what I had…

I Believe in Love Review

I believe in love. Wide grin** So here’s a second international review.  I Believe in Love is almost everyone’s favorite from the Hypersonic album, so we sent it off for a professional review. I honestly didn’t know what to expect,…

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