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Zainab Sule

Zainab Sule

Zainab Sule is a Nigerian musician, known to her friends and fans as the Queen of Soft Rock.

Since the start of her career, Zainab has steadily won new fans and gained audiences in and outside Nigeria, firmly engraving her music in their hearts with her intense, yet laid back style.

“Her music can best be described as soulful, and her mastery of the guitar, thought provoking lyrics and a strong stage personality combine to make her an instant favourite. Zainab Sule is one name that would strongly dominate Nigerian music airwaves in no distant future.” – Okey E., Nigerian Pilot Newspaper

Zainab points her early influences to Bryan Adams, Coldplay, Prince and more, while she has been compared to acts like Natalie Imbruglia, Dido, and Tracy Chapman. She has also been featured on several National Dailies & TV. See Press

She has performed at the Kilimanjaro Conference in Tanzania, the Inequality Conference in South Africa,  Dubai as well as hosting her live shows in Kenya and more countries in the works.

Zainab also holds a degree in Mathematics from the University of Jos, and 3 CIW Certifications in Web Design and is the CEO of Pishon Design Studio, a high tech Web Agency which runs out of its base in Abuja.

She is currently promoting her album, HYPERSONIC, while planning for the next leg of her tour. Get her book of Poetry on Amazon Kindle.

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