10 Zainab Sule Songs you’d love

top ten zainab sule songs

This is an update to our post on 5 Zainab Sule songs you’d love. Let’s bring all the fan favorites here shall we?


Amnesia has a vibe to it that’s different from all Zainab Sule songs. What makes this one special is the fact that it was written to support Mental Health and featured the amazing rapper Payper Corleone. You should check it.

2. I’ll Make You Dance 

For some reason, still a fan favorite and almost ALL 2019 interviews pick this song!

3. I Believe in Love

I Believe in Love got a very good international review when it was released, and is one of the songs we are most proud of!

4. Toxic Religion

Toxic Religion is late 2019, but still at number 3 because it’s fairly new as at the time of writing. Let’s see!

5. Fire Down Below

Fire Down Below is the most watched of Zainab Sule songs – and we don’t know maybe it’s because of the title! Still has that vibe to it that makes you fall in love easy. Trust us!

6. Don’t Forget to Breathe

Don’t forget to Breathe is one of the songs in Hypersonic – and makes it to our list.

7. Selfie

SELFIE is arguably a favorite. The song has a country feel to it and Frankie’s voice do it immense justice.

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Selfie by Zainab Sule

8. Free to Love Ft The Leleyi Women

This song is one of the best things that have come out from Zainab’s collaboration with Action Aid Nigeria. See the story here.

9. I Will be There

One of Zainab’s favorite songs to perform live and still sounds as good!

10. Uyheme

Uyheme means MINE in Edo, and is one of the few language songs Zainab has done. You’d smile when you watch it!

There you have it! 10 Zainab Sule songs to love. What do you think? Anyone we missed?

Don’t forget to update your playlist here and thanks for the love!




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