A Mix of Rock & Country…

Zainab Sule draws her influences from her romance with
Rock Music and Contemporary Country, uniquely creating her own style. 

Slowly and steadily she has won the hearts of her listeners with her sound, 
and is fast becoming a favorite name for alternative music lovers.

Featured Album


Hypersonic by Zainab Sule
Get your hands on Zainab’s new body of work! With old favorites and new sounds like AdrenalineI believe in Love & One Kind of Me, this is one journey you really wanna embark on.

Yet again, Sule has produced a stellar track. I think it has such potential, that it could easily feature in a movie soundtrack when the protagonist makes a life changing decision to follow their heart. I give it 9.5/10. – April’s Review of I Believe in Love

Zainab Sule reveals in the HYPERSONIC album a new maturity to her music, relying on beautifully woven lyrics and well played guitars as she breaks free and finds her way to your heart.

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